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Ponder This...


*Be a patient pedestrain and avoid being a pedestrian patient

*No matter what a man's past may have been, his future is spotless.

*Car sickness is sometimes that feeling you get at the end of the month when the payment comes due.

*You cannot change the past, but you can ruin a perfectly good present by worrying about it.

*One bad thing about doing nothing is that you can never take a day off.

*Christ invites you to come but commands you to go.

*Prejudice is a great time-saver. It enables you to form opinions without bothering to get the facts.

*Much of the trouble of this life can be traced to saying "yes" too quick and not saying "no" soon enough.

Stay faithful, my friends, and be of good cheer...we serve a risen Savior!!

Size & Splash Aren't Everything


Have you ever seen an 11,000 pound killer whale leap completely out of the water? I have at Sea World and it is a sight you aren't likely to forget very quickly. It is fascinating to see the strength and size of those monster creatures.

Whales make a big splash. They can hardly help it, considering their size. It's awfully hard to be graceful when you weigh 6 tons and are shaped like a blimp!

But there is more to life than making a big splash. For every whale in the sea there must be a million smaller creatures which could not make a splash if they tried. The Creator thought we needed both whales and goldfish. We would be a poorer world without both.

If your life and service aren't making headlines, just be sure they are pleasing the Lord. Size and splash aren't everything, or He would have made all whales and forgotten about the goldfish. Be faithful in what you do for the Lord and you will honor Him.

God bless you my friends as you remember this during your service to Him!

A Message from Noah in the Ark

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I can imagine Noah in the ark. Blackness fills the sky. It is dark everywhere. Lightning breaks out from the pavilion of the storm cloud. Thunderbolts burst in judgment over the heads of godless men.

The rain falls. The storm rages. The earth is covered with water. The darkness deepens. There is no safety in the homes. Houses are being destroyed. There is wreck and ruin everywhere.

Yonder is a man on a hilltop. God kindles for him a lightning fire. Look! He sees Noah's ark floating down the valley in safety. Hear him cry, "Noah, come this way. Rescue me!"

The lightning writes across the sky, "Too late!" The thunder echoes back, "Too late!" The wind sighs, "Too late!" The rushing waters take up the chorus, "Too late! Too late!" A wave from the sea of God's wrath sweeps over the lost and despairing man with a final shout, "Too late!"

Don't delay your salvation until it is TOO LATE. Trust Christ today!

Ponder This...

*Some people would say more if they talked less.

*It has been well said that we write our benefits in dust and our injuries in marble.

*When we work, we get what we can do; but when we pray, we get what God can do!

*God will lower the gate of warning, sound the bell, flash the red light, but He won't keep you from crossing the tracks.

*Faith will not make the sun rise sooner, but it will make the night seem shorter.

*Faith is the daring of the soul to go farther than it can see.

*Faith is telling a mountain to move and being shocked only if it doesn't.

*Satan can build a wall around you, and often does, but he can never put a lid on it. So keep looking up!

*And finally D.L. Moody said, "Christ died for sin; the believer dies to sin; the unbeliever dies in sin."

Stay faithful, my friends, and be of good cheer...we serve a risen Savior!!

Parable of the Dead Church

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The story goes like this - A man once called a pastor to say he wanted to join the church. But he went on to explain that he did not want to worship every week, study the Bible, visit the sick, witness to non-Christians, or serve as a leader or teacher.

The pastor commended him for his desire to join, but told him the church he sought was located in another section of town. The man took the directions and hung up.

When he arrived at the church, the man came face to face with the logical result of his own apathetic attitude. There stood before him, an abandoned church building, dilapidated and ready for demolition.

Hmmmmmm........makes ya think, don't it!?!?! See ya Sunday at church!!

American Values?

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I remember one particular training exercise when I was in the Marine Corps stationed in North Carolina about certain limitations put on us regarding how and where to conduct our field training. Apparently, there were some red-throated woodpeckers that were on an endangered list and they were living on that particular base. So the government had set aside some of the training area for these birds with their living area marked by yellow ribbons and their nesting trees marked with red ribbons. Of course, their marked territory was right in the middle of three separate training areas and a large portion of corner of our firing range. To think that the world's most powerful military was limited on it's own base because of some woodpeckers.

It reminds me of something I was reading about how Tennessee was forced by the Supreme Court to halt construction on the $116 million dollar Tellico Dam because it might destroy the Snail Darter (a 3-inch fish). And that California faced a similar situation when it's $340 million dollar dam project was legally challenged over a Daddy Long-Legs Spider that might have been destroyed.

However, it is our same Supreme Court that ruled on January 22, 1973, that until a human being is "capable of meaningful life," that the State has "no compelling interest" to prevent it from being aborted. What is going to happen to a nation that puts quotas on whales and porpoises (and even goes so far as to protect spiders), but allows over one million of its babies to be murdered each year?