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Happy Anniversary!


Well, today is my 15th Anniversary! As I think of the enormousness of this wonderful day, I'm also overwhelmed by the fact that my wife has been more than just a wife. She has been my friend and confidant, my rock and helpmate. She has been one of the most consistent Christians I've known, no she has not always done it right but she has always had the intent to do it right. Over the years, we have often received compliments for the good behaviour of our children and I have to honestly give the credit to my wife's consistent and Biblical rearing of them. It is sad but the Lord knows I spent too many years contributing to their rearing with a "do what I say, not what I do" attitude, instead of actually being a proper example. I had habits in my life that I thought were hidden from the kids but ended up just confirming to them that there father was a hypocrite, but thank the Lord He has changed me and as a sign of His long-suffering He still chooses to use me. As I ponder these things on my anniversary, I find myself focusing back on my wonderful wife and realize she is truly a gift from the Lord! She had an 'out' (Thanks Pastor Taylor) but she chose to follow through with the wedding and over the years she has chosen to stay with me, in spite of me

Thank you Kimberly for being my faithful wife especially when I deserved less and you deserved more! Thank you Lord for giving me a wonderful, beautiful, and Christian wife!

Happy Anniversary, Babe! I Love You!


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